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At Fas Ltd, we have always taken every possible precaution to preserve the environment. The new production process brings electric energy costs down thanks  to a new electronic control system like the computerized system allowing a bigger control of production and the reduction of waste.
The more the attention to environment spreads on the global market the more the companies work on  planning and improving solutions designed to produce environmentally friendly items.
Fas Ltd joined with other 199 Italian company in the schedule launched in 2013 by the Italian Department for Environment in compliance with international agreement fulfilling Kyoto protocol  oriented to promote “Projects for the analysis of carbon footprint of consumer goods lifecycle”.
Fas Ltd is carrying out a detailed plan in order to get the energy efficiency. First of all it will be necessary to save electric and thermic energy though the following actions: adopting latest generation low energy consumption engines, turning from traditional lighting system to the led one, using high efficiency heat pumps that won’t use methane to heat and freeze the workplace anymore and using sustainable energy. Following this route Fas Ltd will redesign its own manufacturing process in order to produce eco-friendly and eco-designed  goods for a market more and more careful to environmental impact and its related management.