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Apulia land of excellence.

 The offices, the plant and the whorehouse are based in Corato (a city close to Bari, the state capital of Apulia region) just a few meters away from junctions and main highways of Apulia region. The factory takes up an area of 4.000 square meters which is divided into two separate zones: the 1500 square meters industry plant and the area of approximately 2500 square meters used as raw materials and end products warehouse. The latest new extension of the factory is almost completed indeed in a few months the new only end products storage area will be opened. The history of the company started in Corato in 1982 when a new Limited Liability Company named Fas  was established. As a start-up company it produced only sanitary napkins for women and a few years later in 1987 it started the production of baby’s diapers as well. The turning point of Fas Ltd history happened in 1994 when the new production facility ,still today in operation, was built in Forchetta avenue in Corato  business park. After that a concrete organisational set-up was planned and realized in order to satisfy the needs coming from the company team’s growth.

Geographical area

Apulia, Northern Bari area

Strada Vicinale Contrada Forchetta, Z.I 70033 – Corato (BA) – ITALY