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There’s always something more in our products

More attention to Raw Materials, more Research and development, more Innovation, more Training. For more than 30 years our baby diapers, our sanitary napkins, our wet wipes have been always giving you something more.

A little big story.

Our story is absolutely a good one, one of those that arouses passion because at Fas Ltd it’s all about passion. For years this feeling has been walking with the big Fas Ltd family and it has started at birth like other stories of Italian successful businesses. “Little” like babies to whom for over 30 years Fas Ltd has been committing its own core business : innovative, up with times and high quality nappies. Fas Ltd has grown nowadays and it is going  to become a leader company not only in disposable baby diapers market  but also in sanitary napkins and wet wipes trade. Fas Ltd promise is producing high quality made in Italy products and investing in several fields such as technology, continuous training for employees, qualified personnel, environmentally friendly production processes and raw materials..

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Our hygiene and personal care items.


Disposable baby diapers

A wide range of high quality, soft and dermatologically tested baby diapers. They always match up with parents and children’s expectations.


Women sanitary napkins

 A complete range of feminine care’s brands  including soft and dermatologically tested sanitary napkins and panty liners.


Wet wipes

They’re soft, hygienic, lightly perfumed, compact, low cost and perfect for everyday use, at any time, at any age.



Our products

Certified quality

Our products, raw material and workflow are controlled and certified to guarantee the highest quality and safety and we can prove that.


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