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The heart of all the productive activity of Fas Ltd in located within an area of 1500 square meters. There are four production lines, divided into two of baby disposable diapers, one of woman sanitary towels and one of panty liners. The manufacturing processes are completely computerized (from the raw material to the end product). In a few minutes the row materials such as cellulose, SAPs, nonwoven and packing materials are turned into finished goods.
A different employee is in charge for each productive line and the highly qualified personnel constantly carry out controls on the quality of the products.
With the introduction of the new high technology production line  Fas Ltd  increased its production capacity of the 80% per hour, reaching a daily production of 500.000 baby diapers, 860.000 sanitary napkins and 1.000.000 panty liners.
The manufacturing process takes place in a really clean and tidy work environment.