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The warehouse, the last stage of the production chain, stretches out over an area of approximately 2500 square meters.
It is divided into two zones: the first one is used as row material storage instead the latter  is assigned as end products depot and both of them are managed by the FIFO System. The FIFO system (that’s the acronym of First In, First Out) is a method of processing and retrieving data, in which the first items entered are the first ones to be removed. This method ensures that items don’t go to waste.
Fas Ltd takes care clients’ needs and it knows that the large-scale retail trade needs quick rotations of products to make fast deliveries easy and itself works hard to perform to duties of promptness and efficiency. The company has accounts with specific couriers to get the fastest and the most flexible carriage whatever size or weight of the parcels. Items are delivered all over the country at most in a week.