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Halal Certification

The HALAL (Arabic word meaning “lawful, that is allowed”) certification guarantees that the quality of products and productive processes has been investigated and found to conform to the Islamic Shariah Law.

The HALAL certification fulfills needs and expectations of the huge Muslim community (about 2, 04 billion in the world, 55 millions in Europe according to AT Kearny and 1.5 Millions in Italy according to the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs database)

Fas Inc applied for the Halal certification to guarantee quality of the products, the raw material and the processes used in manufacturing goods in its plant. The company can now assure the Muslim consumers that there is not any trace of alcohol contamination and pork derivate in its own products.

At this time Fas Inc is the first and only company to be Halal certified in diaper and sanitary napkins production business both in Italy and Europe.